I have worked with incredible clients to bring their visions to life. Additionally, I develop Webflow templates that empower businesses to establish a strong online presence effortlessly.

Case Studies

Building a church’s website that breaks conventional, not only in its design and layout but also in its entire approach and process. A case study of unconventional journey of this project.
As a UX designer, I thrive on seizing new opportunities. With a longstanding interest in building website on ADA compliance and WCAG standards, I actively sought out projects that prioritize accessibility. Working with Adson Nepal to redesign their website was a privilege for me. In this case study, I will share the process of overhauling Adson Nepal’s website with a primary focus on accessibility. It will cover the challenges we faced, the strategies we employed, and the outcomes we achieved.

I revamped Game Changer New York’s outdated website to better showcase their mission of empowering disadvantaged youth through sports. My task was to give their online presence a makeover, making it more engaging and user-friendly.

Personal Projects & Templates

Some of my personal projects, Webflow and WordPress templates

Serene Hotel & Resort

Spaces Co-Working Office

Portfolio of Isabella Chery

Arbin Architecture Firm

Jurid Law Firm

Dezigncy One Page Site