Hi K cha

Hello, I’m Amit. My journey began in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, Nepal, renowned for its rich artistic heritage and cultural traditions. Growing up, each step I took in this city immersed me deeper into a world of unique artistic expressions and cultural nuances. Among these experiences, learning the art of stone crafting from my family 15 years ago laid a strong foundation for my design perspective.

These early influences, combined with my love for music and photography, have continually shaped my creative sensibilities. Today, I am based in Gainesville, Florida, collaborating remotely with clients from all over the world.

Over the past 12 years, I have delved deeply into the expansive field of website design. Self-taught, I have honed my skills in UI design and frontend development, mastering tools like Figma for design and platforms like Webflow for development. Despite not having a formal degree in design, my journey has been fueled by a keen eye for aesthetics and an enduring passion. This journey has seen its fair share of triumphs and failures, each experience teaching me how to leverage design as a strategic tool to solve real-world business problems.

In addition to the digital realm, I find endless inspiration in the world around me. My travels across different countries, learning from diverse cultures and peoples, have enriched my design philosophy with a global sensibility. My experience is a blend of personal projects, client work, assisting non-profits, and drawing design inspirations from the countless websites I’ve studied and the diverse locales I’ve visited.

Whether I’m stationed at my desk in Gainesville or wandering the streets of a foreign city, my goal remains unchanged: to perceive and reflect the world through the lens of a designer.